Plastic Screening Kit

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Plastic Screening Kit

To be used at the screening station prior to staff entry. Contains all the essential products needed for setup and clean-up from conducting the daily scanning procedure. This also contains easy to follow instructions as to how screening is to be conducted. AeroKit Screening Kit Contents

Code Description Qty
ACG500 AEROCLEANSE 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Pump Bottle 500mL 2
ADT10 AERODIAGNOSTIC Slimline Infrared Forehead Thermometer 1
AGNPF02 AEROGLOVE Large Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves Pair/2 25
AWB7000 BRIEMAR 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipe 14 x 16cm 50
BHB2538 4L Biohazard Clinical Waste Bag 250 x 300mm – Press Seal, 30um 5
CM01 AEROMASK 3PLY Consumer Face Mask 25
CUSTLEAF AEROGUIDE Leaflet/Instructions 1
SG002 Clear Safety Glasses 2

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