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AEROPAD Non-Adherent Dressing 5 x 5cm Box/50

Low Adherent Dressing Pad Box/50


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AEROPAD Non-Adherent Dressing 5 x 5cm Box/50 Low Adherent Dressing Pad Box/50

The AeroPadTM Non-Adherent Dressing is a high-quality wound pad dressing that’s recommended for the treatment of injuries such as cuts, grazes and minor burns. This absorbent wound dressing is lightweight yet effective, and ideal for use underneath cotton bandages and first aid supports, helping to protect a wound from the risk of infection while healing or awaiting further medical treatment. Additionally, the sterile dressing can also be used in the treatment and protection of minor wounds in and around the eye area. Minimise wound trauma with a non-stick dressing All AeroPadTM dressing pads are designed with a special non-adherent film applied to each side to help protect healing wounds and minimise the risk of further damaging the area in or around the wound when changing the dressing. A bandage or some form of adhesive tape is required to effectively apply and hold the non-stick dressing to a healing wound. SupaSorb technology for a premium absorbent dressing AeroPadTM non-adherent dressing pads are fitted with a premium absorbent inner material to aid in the treatment of weeping or bleeding wounds. Applying the absorbent dressing enables a healing wound to stay dry, which is paramount for treatment, infection mitigation and proper recovery. Remember: absorbent dressings require regular changing to help keep the wound clean. Each wound pad dressing is individually packed and sterilised The AeroPadTM non-adherent sterile dressing comes individually packaged to ensure that each dressing pad is kept clean and safe until needed. Applying a sterile wound dressing is key to keeping the wound clean and free from infection, allowing for proper and effective healing. A comprehensive range of sizes for all needs AeroPadTM non-adherent sterile wound dressings come in a variety of sizes to suit all wound and injury requirements, including: AeroPadTM Non-Adherent Dressing

  • 5x5cm, 7.5x5cm, 10×7.5cm, 10x10cm,10x20cm

AeroPadTM Non-Adherent Eyepad

  • 5×7.7cm

It’s recommended to keep a selection of AeroPadTM non-adherent dressings handy to be prepared to address any relevant accidents and injuries. Absorbent dressings are typically the most common dressings used in the treatment of minor surface and eye injuries. Contraindications and Precautions Non-adherent absorbent wound dressings should be changed daily, or more often, according to the condition of the wound. A leaky wound poses a greater risk of infection and requires regular cleaning to manage effective healing. Seek medical advice immediately for all serious wounds and burns, and if redness or discomfort occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician or medical professional. This non-adherent dressing product is not a substitute for direct medical attention from a trained healthcare practitioner.   Image of AEROPAD Non-Adherent Dressing 5 x 5cm Box/50 Download Safety Data Sheet