Raptor Rescue Folding Medical Shears – Orange

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Raptor Rescue Folding Medical Shears – Orange

When it comes to life-threatening situations, every second counts, and having the right tools can make all the difference. The Leatherman Raptor Rescue Shears are a must-have for medical professionals, first responders, and anyone who needs reliable and efficient tools in emergency situations. This multi-purpose tool is crafted with just the right balance of features to make it ideal for medical-specific operations without complicating life-threatening situations.

  • Co-designed with special operations, paramedic and fire experts
  • Contains essential tools for medical emergencies
  • Suitable for medical-specific and life-threatening situations
  • Available in black or orange
  • Durable and comfortable handle scales made of stainless steel and glass-filled nylon
  • Comes with a holster included

  Technical Specifications:

  • Closed Length: 12.7 cm
  • Weight: 164 g
  • Shear Length: 4.8 cm


  • 420HC Stainless Steel Folding Medical Shears
  • Strap Cutter
  • Ring Cutter
  • Ruler (5 cm)
  • Oxygen Tank Wrench
  • Carbide Glass Breaker